Thursday, February 26, 2004

I am going to a wedding on the weekend.

I love a good wedding, there is no other event where the brides’ father might make a 45min speech, or where one of the guests might flash her nether regions to Bert Newton (true story!) and yet the whole thing still turns out ok due to the lavish lubrication supplied by free alcohol.

So this particular wedding is rather large, for 325 people no less. I’m thinking the bride and groom are going to be little specs on the horizon for this event, where we will be lucky to catch a glimpse of them as they glide by. I am seriously thinking of taking my binoculars. And as it fitting with the scale of such a wedding, from all reports they are going all out. There is a Band and a DJ, a wedding cake and other cake, even an after wedding reception party organised.

My own wedding by comparison was like having someone over for vegemite sandwiches. But my wedding was perfect – its just that now it is in the past. Every now and then I get a little misty eyed about having my wedding all over and done with. I see some beautiful flowers or something and think, “wouldn’t they be lovely for a wedding?” and realise my time is gone. So I’m thinking that when one day I eventually go to Vegas I am definitely renewing my wedding vows in the Chapel O Love (ala Momo). I can even sing the song on the way…


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