Wednesday, January 28, 2004

When we had the nephew to stay last weekend, in a fit of wishful thinking his Mum told him that he wasn’t allowed to wake us up until 7am. Or as he says “Seven zero zero”.

This was causing some concern because he was worried about how he would know when it was seven zero zero. I had visions of him running around in the dark trying to find a clock, and screaming “It’s ok – it just five one six, it’s not yet seven zero zero!”

So I moved our bedside alarm clock into his room for the night so that he could see the time. Things were going really well. He was asleep. I was asleep. Mr R was asleep. All was right with the world. Then midnight struck.

You know how when you pull an alarm clock from the wall the time needs to be re-set from 12:00? Well this principle also applies to the time the alarm is set to go off (of course! I hear you say). I set the time ok, but I thought the alarm was switched off, and didn’t bother looking at the time the alarm was set for.

No prizes for guessing the next stage in this little story.

Fortunately I am a light sleeper, so the second the alarm went off at midnight, I was on my feet running to his room to try and switch it off before it woke him from his peaceful slumber. Unfortunately my legs were still asleep, so it was more of a stumble crash bang run into his room. It’s amazing he didn’t dream of a herd of elephants bounding through his bedroom.

But I did manage to switch it off quickly, and he thankfully didn’t even stir. I however had some trouble getting back to sleep after that, as I was too busy congratulating myself on my quick thinking whilst technically still asleep. Phew – talk about averting disaster! Like it would it have been a complete tragedy had he woken up – the things you stupidly contemplate after midnight whilst lying in bed.

For the record, he didn’t quite make it to seven zero zero the next morning, more like six two five. But he didn’t wake us up deliberately, he played with his toys quite happily, but kept running down the hallway to the clock to check if it was seven zero zero yet. Maybe that clock wasn’t such a good idea…


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