Thursday, January 22, 2004

Well the weekend passed without incident, and we were able to hand back my nephew in one piece. There may have been some bruising around the neck where my normally sweet and innocent 2 and a half year old god-daughter tried to strangle him, but thankfully that hadn’t shown up when his parents arrived to collect him.

He did forgive her when they got to the park and ran around holding hands for about an hour. I admire the resilience of kids and the instantaneous forgiveness when they try to kill each other.

He was of course a perfect angel child, although I must say he can talk. And talk. And did I mention that he talks a HELL OF A LOT? An example, if you like:

Him: Sarah?
Sarah: Yes ?
H: I saw a mistz-zu-bishi! And a jeep, like grampas!
S: How exciting.
H: And I saw a Bolvo!
S: Wow, a Bolvo! Is that like a Volvo?
H: Yep it’s the same. Bloody Bolvo drivers.

Who says advertising doesn’t work.

Since then we’ve been to a work function for Mr R, where we were schmoozed as clients and taken to see “We Will Rock You”. I can’t say that I’m a big Queen fan, and the storyline falls into a great heap in the second half (and it was only just hanging in there in the first half), but overall the fact that I didn’t have to pay meant that it was still enjoyable. Although the hero bore a striking resemblance to Ben Stiller in Zoolander, and I kept whispering to Mr R – look it’s the blue steel!

We also went off to the tennis last night, to see a rather disappointing mens’ match, where young rising Aussie star Chris Guccione got absolutely pounded into the ground. Thankfully Alicia Molik made the Aussies proud in the womens’ game, or I would have been better off at the Heineken bar. Not to say that I only enjoy watching tennis if the person I am cheering for wins, but Guccione hardly put up a fight. I do like a good couple of showy between the legs shots, or at least a bare chest or two (thanks Pat Rafter for the memories – make sure you follow through in the doubles tonight). Unfortunately the only person who was almost bare chested was Daniela Hantuchova, and there was literally nothing there worth looking at. But then she does have those legs from Slovakia, so I guess I’ll shut up now.


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