Friday, January 23, 2004

I am inspired by Marita’s entry, as it has reminded me of one my loves – misheard song lyrics.

I love a good misheard song lyric, all the better if discovered when the person is singing it at the top of their lungs. So for a lazy Friday afternoon, here are some of my favourites.

Song – Take me to the River
Artist - “The Commitments” version
Misheard lyrics “Take me to the river, watch me drown” (real words, “wash me down”)
Misheard by: A friend of my sisters. She still insists she is right.

Song – Advance Australia Fair
Misheard lyrics “Our land abounds in nature strips” (real words, “natures gifts”)
Misheard by: Me as a youngster. The thing is, our land does abound in nature strips – am thinking of writing to the proper authorities to have this one changed.

Song – God Save the Queen (the official one – no Sex Pistols here)
Misheard lyrics “God Save the Queen, Send her to Victoria!, with Happy and Gloria!” (real words, “Send her victorious! Happy and Glorious!” or something like that)
Misheard by: My Mum’s grade two students back in the days that this was sung at Primary Schools. They really wanted the Queen to come and visit them in Victoria, and boy did Happy and Gloria sound like fun, bring em along!

I’ll save more for another day. Have a nice weekend all…


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