Friday, December 05, 2003

We have Mr R’s work Christmas party on Saturday night. A lavish affair with a sit down meal and funky band. The dress code is “semi-formal” which always makes me laugh as I imagine people wandering in with suit jacket on the top, and pyjama pants on the bottom. Continuing on this vein however is the outfit that my beloved husband is wearing – its um, well, it’s a kilt. This may be perfectly acceptable if he were Scottish, but he doesn’t have that excuse. We now have the dilemma of what shoes and socks to wear with a kilt, and finding a tie that doesn’t clash. I love the way that Men think it is funny to make a fool of themselves with outrageous outfits, I don’t think I’ll ever have the confidence (or is it stupidity?) to do that!

So stay tuned for a report on how many times people try to see what is under the kilt – any guesses? He has however assured me that he will be wearing underwear, but he can be untrustworthy in such situations so we will have to wait and see.

In other news, I am volunteering today for Berry St Victoria. I’ll be wrapping books and CDs etc at Borders in Lygon St from 10.30 – 5pm.

I had my first shift at this book wrapping one night earlier this week, and it is a lot of pressure, as you madly try to wrap a present whilst the owner of said present looks on impatiently hopping from one foot to the other. So this holiday season, if you decide to take advantage of a wrapping service wherever you may be, give the poor gift wrapper a break and go and get a coffee whilst they wrap for you. And if you are really nice – bring them back a coffee too – cause they probably need it.


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