Tuesday, December 23, 2003

The lawn bowling on Friday was lots of fun. Great for a work function, it means that everyone mixes well and gives people something to do.

Have now learnt about a number of things that I had no idea of, like that the little white ball is called the kitty. And lawn bowls* have either initials, or some sort of picture embossed on them for easy identification. I spent most of the day playing with the fire engine bowls, until a late afternoon switch to the puppy dog bowls, with a corresponding drop in form. Actually it was not that I was all that good anyway, but I wasn’t terribly bad. I did get confused once as to which side the ‘bias’ was, and my poor fire engine bowl meandered off to the other game playing next to us, rather than neatly curling around next to our kitty. Embarrassing, but thank goodness I wasn’t the only one.

So I am now deciding what symbol I am going to have on my bowls when I retire and take up the game in 30 years. It’s a big decision, and I imagine one that could gain a great psychological advantage over the opposition. Following that path, I should have something tough like a skull and crossbones. Or a hand grenade. Or maybe a dagger. Can you imagine an old lady with skull and crossbone bowls. Very cool – and very scary – I’d have the opposition shaking in their sensible flat-soled shoes with those bowls.

* I’m not sure if these should be correctly referred to as bowls or balls. To avoid sniggering connotations associated with the use of the word ‘balls’, I have opted for the former. Apologies to any lawn bowl aficionados who may know better!


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