Monday, December 08, 2003

Friday’s book wrapping generally went well – we were not all that busy, so it gave me time to write my Christmas cards. Now I just have to remember to send them, a problem I may have encountered in the past. Ahem.

No prizes for guessing what percentage of gift wrapping requests were male – I’d put it at around 90%. Although it is impressive that they were Christmas shopping on a day that was not Christmas Eve in the first place!

The best bit of the day was that they were showing the DVD of Kath & Kim (Series 2) in the store. We couldn’t see the screen from where we were set up, but we could hear it, and we could see the people watching the screen. It was hilarious to watch people cracking up in public, they’d occasionally glance around, looking embarrassed, wondering if anyone was watching them, and some tried to laugh whilst hiding behind a book. Some people stood there and watched an entire episode – or even two – such is the drawcard of the show. Noice, different, un-ewes-u-al.


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