Friday, November 07, 2003

Yee-gads! It’s been a long time between posts. Sorry ‘bout that. And I have made a promise to work our how to add comments but have not got round to that yet – all of my two readers stay tuned!

As an aside - I would love to be one of those people who can use ridiculous sayings like “Yee-gads” in real life. I have a friend who is always saying things like, “bless your cotton socks”, or “shiver me timbers” and manages to sound cool at the same time. I just sound like a complete wally.

It reminds me of that scene in Notting Hill when Hugh Grant is trying to climb the fence to the private garden and he falls down and cries “Whoops-a daisy”. And Julia says “what did you just say?” and he tries to deny it and then falls and then says it again. Such a dorky English saying - I love it.

Anyhoo. So I wish I could report about how fabulous our house is looking with everything finished. But of course nothing is finished and I am completely despairing that it will ever be done. I need that DIY rescue team to come – except I’d probably poke that cheery host’s eye out with a paint brush as she’d run about the house laughing at how much work there is to do. I can see how people get themselves into a renovating mess that they never get out of – you pull everything apart and then are so exhausted that it just stays that way. Thank god we don’t have kids cause they would have crawled through a hole in the floor by now, lost forever under the house, as I am too scared to go under there. Well maybe if I had to rescue a child I would – but lets hope I never have to make that decision ok!

But my new oven is going well – although I am completely terrified of it. The problem is that I know I should read the instruction book, but haven’t found the time. I should take it read on the train on the way to work – can you imagine what you would think if you sat next to someone on the train reading an oven instruction booklet? I’d think they had lost the plot! I have worked out how to set the clock, so we are off to a fine beginning. I’m still a bit scared to cook anything, well real, I tried my favourite chocolate slice recipe to take to the Derby, and I think I had it on the wrong setting as it was rather gooey, even after longer than the recommended cooking time.

The good news for this weekend is that my little sis is in town again, having wrangled a business trip to Melbourne from Auckland. That means a weekend of socialising and therefore no work done around the house. Does anyone know the number of DIY rescue?


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