Tuesday, November 11, 2003

So this is the bit where you all tell me that I am crazy.

I am in the process of enrolling to study Masters in Applied Finance next year, and quite frankly wondering what the hell I am doing. I am at the point of my life where if I don’t start it soon – I never will, and I am also working in an industry where that level of knowledge is just about standard. Some of my work colleagues read books on differential calculus for fun. Or perhaps they might try some option pricing books for a bit of light reading.

So I know what I am getting myself in for and yet I can’t seem to stop. This course involves intensive weekends of study – where you attend Wednesday night, Thursday night, FRIDAY night and then ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday. You do this a couple of times a semester for each subject and then wonder where the hell your social life has gone, why your husband has forgotten your name and who your friends are.

You all have permission to remind me what an idiot I am for doing this when I inevitably complain bout how hard this course is in the future.


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