Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I came across a very strange thing in my city newsagent today – Melbourne suburb postcards.

The thing is that they were not for the more picturesque or popular suburbs that you might expect a tourist (who I assume is the market you produce postcards for) to visit. I couldn’t see for example a St Kilda postcard of the beach, but there was one for Croydon (of what looked like a bus shelter). No Fitzroy of Brunswick St, but one for Mitcham (an Autumn tree). No Williamstown Esplanade or city vista, but Mentone (a beach shot). No Brighton Beach bathing boxes. No Chapel St shopping precinct. No South Yarra botanic gardens. But there was Balwyn, and Reservoir.

It was like some postcard maker one day decided that it wasn’t fair that all the touristy areas got all the postcards and decided to promote the mid to outer suburbs of Melbourne.

So who buys these postcards? Can you imagine an English rugby fan staggering into this newsagency and thinking “Me old Ma back in the ol’ Dart would just love this postcard of Epping! Haven’t managed to visit there this holiday, but boy that telephone pole/truck shot sure looks good. She would much prefer this to a postcard of those bloody little fairy penguins, or that Great Ocean Road.”

Bloody weird world this one. And speaking of which don’t get me started on staggering NZ/English/Irish rugby fans. They are driving me CRAZY.


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