Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I am a list maker. I love to write a good list. And it has to be a good list – the shopping list I shun – not exciting enough. It has to be more of a “What I need to take on my super dooper trooper holiday” type of list. Or an “Extra Cool Christmas Presents for the Super People in my Life” list (all with capital letters in swirly writing with Christmas sprigs of holly), or just for fun a “How I will distribute my 10 million dollar tatslotto win” list. It all comes down to the old “be prepared” motto, and whilst I was not a girl scout, I should have been because I would have impressed any troop leader (what do they call them? Owls or sheep or Rangers or something?) with my list making skills. I would have been the best list writer ever and they would have had to invent a badge for list making if there were not one already.

As usual I am completely off the topic, I am now returning to my point.

So I sat down the other day to write a list of “What still is remaining to do to the house to complete it to a standard that is livable and not embarrassing to show visitors” list. I did just call this list “To do”, because the effort of writing a title as long as the first one would have exhausted me and I probably wouldn’t have started the list – just played around decorating the heading with little pictures of paint brushes, ladders, doors and flowers.

Maybe I would have got to item one an hour later and written

1. Write list

Anyhoo, as I did have the foresight to give this particular list a nice short name, I did manage to add items to this list. And when I say items – I came up with 112 items. 112! One Hundred and Twleve. Whichever way I write it, it still completely freaks me out. That means that there are so many things to complete on this renovation that I filled two A4 pages. That is the thing about writing lists – you then need to complete all the items on the list.

Why did I write this list? I am no better off had I not taken the time to write the list. In fact I am worse off because before I knew in the back of my mind how much work there was to do (and you all know that because I complain about it enough here) but there is something about assigning a number to those items – and knowing that I have probably forgotten some – that has me flipped out.

So I did what any good list write does in the face of a list that is almost impossible to complete in one lifetime, and tore it up. And I’ve sworn off lists. Except maybe for that tatslotto list, cause that’s pretty fun!


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