Monday, November 24, 2003

Apologies in advance for the “what I did on the weekend “ post. These are always a bit of a cop out – but I am time and motivation short!

Movie Friday night – Mystic River
I highly recommend this, and can’t believe how old Sean Penn is looking. Sean, Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon are all excellent. It’s not a feel good movie, but it makes you think about things like circles of abuse, and trust. I have a silly problem with all Kevin Bacon movies, because of that “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon” thing, so I always get distracted thinking of how many more people have now joined that list after the new movie. This movie was good enough that it didn’t even cross my mind until the crowd scene at the end – so there is a measure of its worth. Something crap like Wild Things would have me thinking about this from the second Kevin entered the frame.

Saturday saw more house painting with my lovely sister-in-law to be helping out. What a champion she is volunteering to lend a hand, I think she didn’t really know what she was in for. We managed to get an undercoat on our hallway, which sounds like nothing at all , but we have these ridiculously intricate cornices (the bit that holds the ceiling and walls together for all you renovation novices) that take forever to paint, and we were painting a white undercoat on a white cornice so it was impossible to tell where we had been.

Saturday night was a BBQ with some friends to watch the rugby. I’m disappointed, of course, but it was a good game. One of my friends is very very pregnant and it was her rash promise to call the baby Elton if he kicked the goal that drew the game. She is due today actually – come on baby Elton!

Sunday was recovering from Saturday and then some more painting. Mr R tackled the severely neglected grass in the back and front yards, it was past his knees so it’s no wonder our neighbours aren’t talking to us. We have an obsessively neat old couple next door who are lovely, but disapproving of a lawn that is not perfectly manicured. You’d think they would be used to us by now after 6 months of renovations.

And that’s about it really. Hoping to miraculously get some more time and motivation to keep writing here…


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