Monday, October 20, 2003

Yes I am still alive, just incredibly busy and strangely unmotivated to write about such busy-ness. Nothing like an invented word to start off an entry!

We braved the crowds for a trip to the Caufield cup on the weekend – something of a tradition amongst my friends. It was a beautiful sunny day, Melbourne’s first real taste of the summer to come. I am not really a big gambler, but I do enjoy a flutter around the Spring Racing Carnival. And I managed to back the winner of the cup – it is a very exciting atmosphere with the crowd on their feet cheering the thundering hooves home.

Then Sunday was the biggest contrast to Saturday as you could get, it poured for most of the day and I had to turn the central heating on.

Aside from all that, work still continues at the house, we will be painting until we are ninety at this rate. But the thing I am most excited about is the connection of my new and beautiful oven late last week. Oh it is so shiny. Oh it is so sparkly. Oh it is so clean. Oh I am therefore too scared to use it in case I get it dirty! This problem will no doubt be overcome, but I am a little apprehensive about its new-ness, what if I can’t cook right in it? New ovens take some time and practice to build a strong oven/cook relationship with, so I am expecting a few months of mixed results until I work out it’s quirks and foibles. My signature dishes just wont be the same for a while. And I am trying to decide which dish will get the “first bake” in the new oven – it will be the dish that will define the future of cooking in this oven so it must be suitably impressive – time to pull out the recipe books for some inspiration.


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