Thursday, October 02, 2003

One latte later and I am all warm and fuzzy inside, staring out the window at the drizzling rain. I love rain, particularly Spring rain because the air is just that little bit warmer and it makes you want to splash around in your galoshes. Although today is a little chilly.

Galoshes is a word that I love, as well as the Aussie version “gumboots”. It rolls off your tongue and makes me think of splashing, which is always fun unless you are the one getting splashed I guess. Similarly, I love “pumpkin” and “serendipity” and “ornithorhynchus” and so many others that I cant think of right now.

You will all be pleased to know that our floors are finished and are all nice and shiny, except that now the house smells like a chemical plant, so lets hope that goes away soon and we can move back in. Ah – my own bed. At my parents-in-law’s house we have been staying in a double bed, and I miss my queen. I need space when I sleep, and Mr R has a chronic talk in his sleep problem, so with him nattering in my ear about pressure release valves (he is an engineer, through and through) I have not had the most restful of nights. Unfortunately everything is our house is covered in dust after all the floor sanding, so it may take some time to actually find our bed…


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