Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Mr R and I are currently staying with his parents whilst a man applies toxic chemicals to our wooden floor so they will shine all prettily. Ah, the things you do.

This has been rather nice, as Mr R’s mum cooks our dinner and generally takes good care of us. Last night we pulled out the family scrabble set for a nice friendly game. Or so I thought…

Mr R has always been very competitive when it comes to scrabble. As an engineer he hates and implication of him not having the best English skills, so he tries to prove that engineers are literate too. Mum is a quiet yet determined player, and Dad just tries to niggle everyone else so as to move the game along at an alarming pace. I am more the slow and steady sort of player as I discard word after word trying to come up with a brilliant (but not necessarily high scoring) answer, thus enabling the game to continue as there are plenty of opportunities to build words off my long and brilliant words. This mix caused some troubles, and there was nearly a nasty incident with my father-in-law trying to use “Z’ after he picked it up on his last turn.

In the version Mr R and I play at home, we award double points for dirty words, so it took some time for me to stop trying to construct them as such and think clean. Maybe m-i-l sensed this, as things got a little uncomfortable when she considered using the word “SLUT”. Thankfully she settled for something a little cleaner, and surprisingly I managed to win. Now they think I am smart and can therefore never play scrabble with them again in case they learn the truth!


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