Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Last week I got a big surprise. Mr R and I trotted off to the in laws for our usual weekly dinner, only to find his brother was there along with his fiancée. (That is his brother’s fiancée, not Mr. R’s fiancée as he is married to me – just to clear up any confusion!)

The reason that was a surprise you may ask? Well we thought they were in London, which is so geographically removed from Melbourne that it was surprising to see them there. Not the kind of distance you travel just for the fun of it. They have been living and traveling overseas for the last 18 months or so, and then decided to surprise everyone by turning up at home un-announced. In that they were casually sitting on the couch watching TV when Mr. R’s Mum returned from work for the day. And his Dad called home to have brother answer and do his Dad thought he had some strange crossed line with London and that his brother had called at the same time and they got cross connected by some freak occurrence (he’s really up with technology).

So that’s all lovely to have them home again but I am not yet at the point of my story – you see I am just not all that good with surprises. I spent most of the evening at dinner in wonder that they were there, so it was terribly difficult to recover enough to actually make conversation. I found myself staring at them open mouthed. Ridiculous I know.

I am no good at actually surprising people because I find it terribly hard to keep a secret, particularly if it is a good secret that will make the person happy because, well , it is much nicer to know things that can make you happy rather than wondering why every one else is grinning and whispering behind your back until you get the big surprise and nearly have a heart attack.

Also I am absolutely sure that I would not like to be surprised because by nature I am a bit of a planner, and such an unplanned event would completely freak me out.

More importantly, I’m not all that sure what the point of a surprise is. Is it to get the guest of honour, at their own party, without time to prepare, looking as scared as hell? To laugh with glee at the look on the surprisee’s face? It all seems a little cruel – so let this serve as a warning to anyone even thinking of surprising me with anything!!


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