Thursday, October 09, 2003

I have just had a frightening lift experience. Over my time working in a high rise I have had a few of these experiences (like the one when the lift stopped between floors, lurched and free fell for a bit, and then the doors wouldn’t open and another girl in the lift started crying and freaking out, and a man had a smelly pickle sandwich but luckily the lift worked again after 30 seconds of terror). But I digress from my current story.

So I got in the lift today at my floor (level 12) to go down the ground, and there is a very angry looking courier inside. He is huge, dressed in full leathers with helmet in one hand, and as I step inside he screams at me:


Me: Oh, Sorry.. (speechless really, and I turn to exit before he punches me, to see the door close behind me – I’m stuck. I always find myself apologising to people for things that are not my fault, must try to stop that)

Him: You’d think with all the FUCKING money that goes through this building they could design a better fucking lift system, THIS BULDING IS FUCKED

ME: Hmm. (Trying to look like I am not terrified that I am about to become the brunt of his lift rage)

HIM: Its just FUCKED. (He then punches the “G” button furiously, and makes a sort of growling noise)

Thankfully at this point we arrived at the ground floor, not having stopped at any other floor. He probably would have killed someone if we had have stopped somewhere else.

Where does all this rage come from in people? Lift rage, road rage, I myself witnessed a terrible case of stapler rage in the office the other day.
People in general need to CHILL THE FUCK OUT. If I come across one more instance of needless rage I’m gonna punch someone myself! (Ha)

I should have yelled after him as he sprinted through the lobby, knocking over little old ladies and leaving people gaping in his wake – “Have a nice day”. Then he really would have killed me….


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