Tuesday, September 30, 2003

So the Pies played and lost and Mr R is all sad and grumpy. But I am glad that another football season is over, at least because that means summer is here and the weather can only get better.

In other news, I spent yesterday grappling with tradesmen. The sentence sounds a lot more fun that it actually was, as I dealt with yet more building/renovating dramas. Shower screen was bowed. Kitchen still not finished and kitchen place not returning our calls. Quotes from two evaporative air conditioning men prove that nobody knows anything, with one swearing black and blue that a particular brand is the best, and another claiming that it is terrible. Floor sanding is taking so long it is looking for entry in Guinness Book of Renovating Records. Trying to work out how to screw legs on 90kg oven and maneuver it into kitchen without scratching new floor. I think you get the drift.

Had a great time on the weekend with the assorted children that now attend all functions with my group of friends. Not sure where all of these kids have come from, one minute we were a bunch of fun loving youngsters, and now we seem to have a bunch of fun loving youngsters.

That’s the great bit about not having kids, I can play with them until I get sick of it and then just hand them back when they smell. I love the drama of being a little kid – everything is either the end of the world or the best thing you have ever seen. The excitement expressed over a mere donut, and the tragedy when it is taken away (by parents who feel enough sugar has passed lips for one day)…. You’ve got to love a good tantrum.


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