Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Recently my new little baby nephew was born – and there were no surprises, he really did turn out to be a boy. He is of course adorable, as a biased Aunt I can say that, and he did manage to throw up on me on Sunday which of course is always a good way to bond with someone you don’t know very well. Just ask Uni students on an Orientation week pub crawl. Thanks to a recommendation from Suzette who has one for Jasmine, he is also the proud owner of his very own bear Bonkers.

Anyhoo, my Sister in Law and her husband have a nice little tradition of using a musical link for the middle name of the child. Nephew number one has a middle name of “Marley”, a homage to all things Bob. This naming tradition is a little difficult for older members of the family to understand, in particular Mr R’s Mum who has spent the last week or so telling everyone that the new bub’s middle name was “Parker – after Ben Parker I think, not that I know who that is!” It took a young and hip niece to point out that it was “Harper” and not “Parker”.

I’m thinking that it is a great thing that the musical tastes of my sister and brother in law have amended themselves so well to this naming scenario. And that I don’t have a nephew called “Diamond”, or “White Stripe” or “Kylie” or “Chilli Pepper” . But come to think of it, the later may have satisfied my older nephew’s fixation on naming after inanimate objects…


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