Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Mr R and I have spent the last couple of weeks on holidays from work, at home trying to finish our blasted renovation. It is unbelievable how long it takes to do things and I have a new respect for trades persons and how hard they work. And I thought they just slacked around all day sending out the apprentice for a left-handed screwdriver, or chequered paint.

This little “holiday” (if you call getting up at 6am and working all day until 6pm when I would collapse in a heap on the floor and Mr R would scream “get up and do some more painting woman!” a “holiday”) has also given me an opportunity to listen to daytime radio. I tried to vary the stations for variety and different competitions (I am still trying to win a big prize you may remember) so I am now well informed enough to state that TALKBACK RADIO SUCKS BIGTIME. To demonstrate I will recount a call that I heard when being forced to endure talkback with Ernie Sigley (that was the plumbers choice – I didn’t want him to muck up my new hot water system so I wasn’t complaining). Ok- it wont be exactly perfect but you will get the general idea (and I’ll try not to exaggerate too much)

Joyce : Hello, hello is that you Ernie? Ernie? I want to talk to Ernie!

Ernie: Hello Joyce, how lovely to talk to you.

Joyce: Oh Ernie! I am such a big fan, I love you

Ernie: Don’t make me blush Joyce!

Joyce: (Laughs)… (Laughs)…

Ernie: Did you have a question or comment Joyce? We are talking about Pauline Hanson’s jail sentence – did you think it was too harsh or fair?

Joyce: Absolutely Ernie

Ernie: Absolutely too harsh?

Joyce: Hmmm. I don’t really know.

And on they went. If it wasn’t roundabout Joyce type of call, it was the “vent all of my frustrations” type, or the “government conspiracy” type, or the “younger generation are inconsiderate” type, or the” nobody uses the English language properly” type. And then I remembered my ranting post about spelling and I realised that this blog is like my own little talkback radio forum. At least nobody can hang up on me. And I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t suck bigtime.


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