Friday, September 05, 2003

I have been thinking of things to cheer me up. And I have decided to tell you all a story about a good friend of mine, as it is always funny to laugh at something stupid that somebody else did.

My friend is a very good golfer, and one weekend he was playing in a golf tournament. This weekend also happened to be a study weekend for his Uni course, so the plan was that he would arrange to tee off early in the day, so he could then hurry off to the Uni weekend.

The golf went fine, and he went back to his car to load his golf clubs. He opened the car door, and then opened the boot of the car, threw his car keys into his golf bag, put the golf bag into the boot and shut the boot.

So he had locked his keys in the boot. The car was open, so when he realised what he had done he called the RACV to come and open the boot and sat down in his car to wait. An hour later the RACV turn up and try for while to open the boot, until they give up and call a locksmith.

An hour later the locksmith shows up, and says to my friend who is sitting in the drivers seat (banging his head against the steering wheel in frustration)

“G’Day mate. Locked the keys in the boot? That’s funny, I thought this model had a boot release button.”

The penny dropped. He did have a boot release button, right next to the drivers seat.

Ahhh, I love a good story about how silly someone else is (cause more than often the stories are about me – but I’ll save them for another time).


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