Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I have always been at heart a giggly teenager when it comes to spotting a famous person in “real life”. You may not know this from my super cool exterior, who pretends that I don’t even know there is anyone remotely famous anywhere near me, but inside I’m jumping around and squealing.

Living in Melbourne there is not the opportunity for famous people spotting that you may get in Hollywood. I’ve never come across Tom Cruise at my local supermarket, just maybe a ‘Neighbours’ star at the movies, or a big brother contestant at the pub. But any level of fame is usually enough for me, you should have seen me after I saw Spencer McLaren in Minimax at Chadstone - so cool I barely raised a sweat.
(Now I know how to link to things you cant stop me – I’m out of control!)

So the point of all this is that a friend of mine has just become mega famous (by my standards). She has always been a little famous, having appeared in numerous Australian musical productions over the last 7 years or so. But now she has her own leading role in the Australian production of “The Producers”.

So go Chloe! And forgive me if I act super cool every time I see you now, but inside I’ll be going CRAZY.


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