Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Do you remember when you were a little kid, and time went sooooo s l o w l y. Particularly the days before a big event like your birthday. But now the days go so quick I can’t believe that it is Wednesday already and I haven’t updated this thing since last Friday.

So! The Pies are in the Grand Final, and Mr R is happy that he has most probably secured himself a seat for the big game, without us needing to take out a second mortgage on the house. We went to the game on Saturday, and I felt a bit sorry for the Port supporters who had to put up with the feral Pies supporters making choking actions and noises at them. It must be a bit off putting to have someone gagging in your face. I am actually surprised that there are not more fights at the footy, given how horrible supporters can be to one another.

On Saturday we had standing room tickets, which gives you the right to stand in a particular section of the ground. I’m not sure what standing room etiquette is, but Mr R nearly came to blows with an old lady Port supporter, as we arrived and stood in front of her (on the step down) and she wasn’t too happy about that. The thing is, there was nowhere else to stand, and it is not really our fault that we are tall and she was 5 foot tall. If I was 5 foot tall, I would have got there extra early and stood at the very very front of the standing room section, but she got there extra early and stood at the very very back of the standing room section on one of the higher tiers. Luckily the cheers of the crowd eventually drowned out her whining, and then she was remarkably quiet in the second half anyway, or else my peaceful and quiet husband just may have snapped!


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