Friday, August 08, 2003

My little Sis (lets call her Sparkly C) is home this weekend, (she is currently living in Auckland NZ) so in honour of her visit I thought I’d share a couple of stories of silly things from her past. It’s always fun to laugh at others. Sparkly C is one of those people that say the first thing that comes into their head, rather than thinking them through first. This is an endearing quality, and has given her family much hilarity over the years.

When Mr. R and I bought our house, I was explaining to Sparkly C about the house, how many bedrooms etc. The conversation went kind of like this:

Sam: And so there is a garage, and also a little garden shed.

Sparkly C: Cool

Sam: Except the garden shed isn’t much use to store things in because there is no door.

Sparkly C: No door? Well how do you get in then?

Of course, I meant that there was a doorway, just no door to close…..

And another gem was when we were watching the news one night.

News Man: And now to Hobart, where the annual Twelve metre yacht race was launched today.

Sparkly C: Twelve meters? That’s not a very long race!

Ah – kills me every time. So welcome home Sparkly C, for a weekend of us having fun at your expense!!


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