Thursday, August 14, 2003

I’m all excited today, because tomorrow I am going to be an aunty (again) with the birth of my second nephew. At least they say it is a nephew, it would all be a bit surprising if it turns out to be a girl. After complications with her first pregnancy, my sister in law has had to schedule a caesarian, which kind of takes away the “surprise” factor, but at the same time makes the whole thing easy to plan (one thing you can control in childbirth!).

My first nephew is three and a half, and I’m not really sure that he quite understands what is about to happen. He is a quite an outgoing and opinionated three year old, so he may get a little touchy about someone stealing his thunder. But what is most interesting is his opinion on what to call the new baby. The general conversation goes something like this:

Me: What will we call your new baby brother?

Him: Bum Bum (laughs uproariously)

Me: That’s not a very nice name; maybe you could think of another?

Him: (Looks around the room for the first inanimate object he can spot) What about toaster?

Me: Hmmm, would you like to be called toaster?

Him: Ok – um – vacuum cleaner?

Me: That’s a bit of a mouthful!

Him: I know! What about Buzz Light-year?

It all usually degenerates about here and any ridiculous name he can think of comes up.
Unfortunately for poor un-named baby, the family has adopted Bum Bum as a temporary nick name, which will no doubt stick until the poor child is twenty or so. Don’t you just love older brothers? Already causing problems and embarrassment before you have even exited the womb!


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