Thursday, July 17, 2003

I have come to the conclusion that I am not very good at the whole blog thing. This is probably reflective of what I am like with most things in my life – all excited at the start, but then my enthusiasm wanes. (Except my marriage! In case he reads this!)

When I first bought my own house I went on a quest for furntiture. But I wanted one of those pieces that people have at their house where people who visit say

“Wow – love the hall stand / funky lamp / kooky chair / (insert suitable item here)”,

and then the owner of said item says

“Oh that? Picked that up for $10 at an auction / my great aunt was going to throw it away / I found it at a rubbish dump / (insert suitably implausible explanation that makes the person enquiring about the item impressed at the good taste and ingenuity of the owner)”

So – off I went foraging in suitably unusual places hoping to turn up a hidden gem to demonstrate my superior decorating skills. This found me, one foggy Sunday morning, at Camberwell Market – where you never quite know what you may find. It’s kind of like a gigantic garage sale. And there it was, a bit hazy through the fog, an old dresser, caked with layers of ancient paint. After a bit of haggling, I felt that the $40 charged was still a bargain – here comes Sam the decorating genius.

And then off I went to the great suburban oasis that is Bunnings, and stocked up on paint remover and turps and steel wool and paint scrapers – ready to restore my gem to its inner beauty. This of course cost more than the dresser itself, but hey, it was an investment, I will be able to use this stuff on all of those great furniture finds out there.

(This is turning into a long story) That afternoon I started my paint stripping, but in my enthusiasm perhaps didn’t quite read all of the instructions about how toxic paint stripper is. And after a while I felt a little light headed – but the dresser was starting to look great – the paint was coming off, the lovely cedar was shining through. And then I started to feel nauseous, but in my excitement I had forgotten to eat lunch, I’ll just apply another layer and then eat something, she’ll be right….

And then I threw up for an hour or so, and had to lie on the couch for the rest of the day – thus ending my forage into a possible career as budget-yet-super-cool decorator to the stars. The dresser still sits – 3 years later - half stripped in the garden shed, whilst I promise Mr R that I will finish it one day.

And I’m trying to make sure this blog doesn’t end up the same way!


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