Thursday, May 15, 2003

In my oh-so-high flying job at trying to appear to be working whilst actually surfing the net for new pyjamas, I get to work in one of those tall buildings in the CBD.
Every six months or so, it is deemed necessary, under some fire regulation or another, to have an evacuation drill.

“But Sam”, I hear you say, “Surely that is a great way to ensure the smooth and speedy evacuation in the event of a real emergency, what a great idea!”
And all I can say to you is why don’t you try and walk down 15 flights of stairs in heels, stand in the rain and wait until the nerd from IT in his red hard hat tells you its “safe to return to the building folks”.

So my crafty colleagues and I have a plan for just such an emergency. Firstly, someone has to butter up the nerd from IT with the red hard hat to find out just when the evacuation will be taking place. This job is usually left to your truly and I must say that today I was all prepared. I had the evacuation marked in my scheduler, after some serious eyelash batting with Mr Red hard hat. I had the team all organized for an important cup of coffee at 11am at the coffee place over the road.
So 11am comes along and off we go. We drink, we laugh, we bond, we mock those poor sods that don’t flirt with the guy in IT, and have to walk down the stairs as a penance. At about 11.25, we think that’s about enough time, we will head back up. We saunter back in. We have that smug look all over our faces, and the buzz of caffeine in our veins. We sit at our desks, log back in, start working and then…

“Woooop, woooop, wooop, wooop”
I hope I don’t have to sleep with him to get some decent information.


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