Monday, September 26, 2005

Things have been happening. And I was sure I would be moaning here about being 10 days overdue.

Announcing the arrival on Tuesday 20th September of baby Ben Edward, weighing 9pd 10 oz (4.35kg) - yeah, that hurt! He is perfect, and we can't stop looking at him. Especially when he is sleeping..

Will probably update at some point in the next week or so with labour details, and maybe a photo if I can figure that out, but well, I'm not promising anything.. I think this probably spells the demise of this site - no time and a waning inclination! Not that it has ever been regularly updated! Thanks for reading...

Friday, September 02, 2005

All of this hurricane business has me in a bit of a funk right now. I am imagining all of these people about to give birth like me, and yet with nowhere to go. No little cosy nursery to keep their babies safe. No water and food to nourish them. My thoughts are with everyone, but particularly those who are scared about having to look after a little baby, as I am, and are even more scared about where they are going to live.

I have managed to do a few things around the house over the last few weeks, mainly getting tradesmen quotes to finish off the renovation. Yeah, just because I dont talk about it here doesn't mean it is finished, or ever will be. Mr R is painting our bedroom, so we are sleeping in the lounge, and this will all hopefully be done before the imminent arrival. But then again the whole house could be destroyed by winds and floodwater, so it helps to have perspective.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The good news is that I have finally finished work, and am at home now, um, knitting and nesting and all those things expectant mothers are supposed to do. Or maybe I am lying on the couch watching trashy day time television and eating potato chips. Who knows?

That made it sound like there is bad news, which there is not, unless having to wait for six weeks to meet this little bugger counts. I am still feeling pretty good, and apart from a spectacular fall in the car park the other day (tripping over air as my mother would say) where I did a Magyver like roll to avoid squashing any baby - resulting in a bruised and bloody shin, am in good health. I have gotten a lot clumsier since being pregnant, and I constantly drop food on myself. Which is a problem when you are dealing with an already limited wardrobe.

Mr R returned from Fiji with what he reckons was a tummy bug, and I reckon was alcoholic poisoning. He also couldn't lift his arms above his head after wakeboarding every day - so has been a bit lacking in the foot massage department. It's much less enjoyable when the massager is groaning through the massage. But he brought me back perfume, so he was forgiven.

And congratulations to Rae and Tony and Phee on their new arrival this weekend - little Albert. With a name like that he is destined for greatness - here comes the King!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Whilst Mr R is sunning himself on the beaches of Fiji, I am hacking up a lung every night with the worlds worst cough, which has followed the worlds worst flu. Particularly fun when you can't take anything stronger than Panadol. I am now losing my voice too - all the better for those that have to listen to me complaining. I have been wondering what the baby must make of these coughing fits, do you think they swim around thinking "Shut up!, just cough it up!"

Now, on to important matters of international interest, I have recently uncovered an interesting, um, thing, about the names of books here, as opposed to the US (And perhaps elsewhere). I know that they occasionally (and generally inexplicably) change movie titles here, compared to the US. Like that Jennifer Garner Thriller dancing movie about turning 30 overnight, we called "Suddenly 30" and the rest of the world called "13 going on 30". Go figure. But I had no idea that they did this with books.

This all came to light when I made a joke to the lovely Angela at Fluid Pudding about a "onesie" (again, we call these bodysuits) that I sent to her gorgeous little Harper, could be used a prop in a "Where's Wally" book (being red and white striped). And then she referred to something called "Where's Waldo" and I had to do an amazon search to make sure we were talking about the same thing. So the question is - Why? I mean can it really matter if the funny little glasses wearing guy is Wally or Waldo to all those Waldo/ly loving kids out there? Do Aussie kids just not understand that Waldo is a name? In these times when people call their kids Apple, I think everyone can handle it. It's just strange.

Speaking of books, I have just finished the latest Harry Potter, as I can't stay away from any sort of fad. It was, well, ok. No spoilers, but I can't help but be a little bit dissapointed that the baddies are always so bad, and the goodies are always so good, and Harry is always so right. Also, there is something a bit wrong with all the snogging, this can only escalate to Griffindor common room orgies in the final instalment. What happened to little innocent Harry?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Do you know what could be causing the alarming paint bubbling on the ceiling in the nursery? It seems as if it has been infested with a strange bubbling alien life-force, waiting for a delcious little baby to eat up.
I made Mr R climb up into the dusty old roof, to make sure there were no leaks and wet areas that would lead to a baby being crushed by a plaster ceiling falling on it's head. All looked ok up there (apart from some alarmingly large spiders), so the mystery deepens.
He does seem to have it at bay at the moment, with much sanding and undercoating and re-patching and more undercoating so let's hope it stays that way, or the baby could be fast asleep and then choke on flecks of paint. Unlikely as that is (the sleeping - not the choking). Do you think I am going to be an over protective, over reactive mother? Not that I should really be worried about the nursery, because we have yet to buy anything to put in it. We had an ante-natal class this week, where the midwife insisted we should all have our bags for the hospital packed. Hmm, I fail that one. I am in a denial phase.

In other news, Mr R is off to Fiji in a couple of weeks, to visit a friend before the baby arrives, leaving me at home on my lonesome. I am of course milking this for all it is worth, resulting in foot massages and cups of tea on demand. So the reason he will be missed will be the lack of tea and foot massages, I am looking forward to having the whole bed to myself and my twenty seven pillows.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I have been meaning to get around to this little meme (is that a real word or some sort of internet thing like “blog”?) about books, because well, I love books and always have a couple on the go. I have been known to do late night flits to my local huge chain store bookshop when I was in danger of finishing something too soon.

Total number of books I’ve owned: Hmm. I guess I now have a few hundred, but over time there have probably been thousands. I do try and cull every now and then, when I run out of book shelves. Even if I like a book, if I never want to read it again it gets donated to the op-shop or given to someone else. My Mum is a librarian, and I think I read every book in her library when I was a kid. She would bring home twenty books and I would have read 19 of them.

Last book I bought: I recently popped into a bookshop to buy a birthday present for my 4 year old god-daughter. She got two books, unborn baby got four books, and I got five books. The last one on the receipt was The Wind Up Bird Chronicle , by Haruki Murakami.

Last book I read: Um, I think it was Baby Love , by Robin Barker. I am trying to be prepared for the new arrival, lest we get home and just stare at each other with me saying “So, do you need to sleep now, or what?”.
I am also reading March by Geraldine Brooks, that was leant to me by my mother in law. It is the story of the father of the”Little Women” family. Not sure if I like it really, is it kind of cheating to use someone else’s story as a background to yours?

Five books that mean a lot to me:
A hard one – but who am I to turn down a challenge of this magnitude! I laugh in the face of doubters! These are but a few…
The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis
Cloudstreet by Tim Winton
Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder
The Witches by Roald Dahl

Thanks to Fluid Pudding for putting my brain to work. It’s gone a bit like mushy peas lately. I tag anyone who is interested. Rae ? Lucinda ? Unfortunately not Suzette who has sadly given up the blog, she will be missed!

Friday, June 10, 2005

I feel like death warmed up today, after three hours sleep last night. It's kind of a long story involving overworked hospital emergency departments - and no, it wasn't me in an emergency situation. Mr R, who is quite fit and healthy, had some unusual chest pains a couple of days ago, and his doctor thought it would be best to have a full check up at the hospital. Unfortunatley he didn't have his doctors appt until 8pm last night, so he got to the hospital at about 9.30, and we left at 2.30am. Yep - 5 hours later, thankfully with a clean bill of health. I did make him go to the doctors so I guess I can't complain, better to be safe than sorry.

I nearly stole the gorgeous baby in the cubicle next to us, but then she coughed a horrible croupy cough and I changed my mind. I got a view of an old man's nether regions that nobody should have to see. My butt fell asleep on the hard chair, whilst Mr R, feeling perfectly fine, and not six months pregnant, dozed on the hospital stretcher. And the only form of entertainment was the TV tuned to "Big Brother up late and live and rude and are these the dumbest housemates ever?" Gah - that was torture in itself. I do know now however, that you can SMS a message to the late show that they then scroll across the bottom of the screen. So it's all things like "OMG I Luv BB! Show me more boobs!" or perhaps "Hi STCY, LUV U, U R as G8 as Christie xx", each at a cost of 55c. Channel 10 are making a fortune from this drivel. There was a good 10 -15 minutes of footage of two people kissing, when there were other people awake having actual conversations. Obviously the producers too are offended by the level of intelect in that house when it is preferrable to watch a game of tonsil hockey.

Blah, so the plan for the weekend is to catch up on missed sleep and then paint the nursery. And do some Sudoku of course - I told you we know how to have fun.

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